South African visitors and international holidaymakers may already have discovered the delights at Fancourt situated on the Garden Route in the Western Cape; however it only gets better with the recent introduction of state of the art Eco-Riders, enabling guests to tour the estate from a different perspective.


Fancourt, nestled amongst the scenic Outeniqua Mountains, with sprawling grounds that include off road trails, and a variety of other natural terrains is the perfect location from where to enjoy the thrilling experience, on-board an Eco-Rider.  The popular Eco-Rider is a two-wheeled machine powered by battery and using a Gyroscope for balance. With the ability to clamber over any kind of terrain, eco-friendly tours have been specially designed to offer guests the opportunity to explore the surroundings, under guidance of a local guide. For those who have never ridden one of these unique two-wheeler machines, training is part of the initial introduction along with a few practice rides.

Riding an Eco-Rider is like nothing ever experienced before, appealing to both young and old.  With a sensation of gliding, one quickly learns that the vehicle is intuitive, and moves in response to movement.  Whilst it can reach speeds of up to 20km/h, and can cover 20-30km of terrain on a single charge, it is more likely that a tour a Fancourt will be at a leisurely pace, to accommodate participants.

Tours can be made at the resort’s Leisure Centre during a guest’s stay, with various departure times available for flexibility.

And so, yet another reason to pinpoint Fancourt as the perfect base from where to explore the highlights of South Africa’s famous Garden Route.  The Mecca of golf, with three 18-hole golf courses all ranking in the Top20 in South Africa, this forward thinking resort once again takes the lead in offering different experiences for the whole family.